“At the Legislature I felt very empowered because when we arrived we got to look around and see how the Senate and Assembly work and how much our voice matters to elected officials. Many people don’t know that the Legislature is for anyone who wants to get their voice heard. Anyone is able to speak to their Assemblyman, Assemblywoman or Senator and give a speech like a hearing so our elected officials know how people feel about bills and what they can do to fix them. Now that I have had this opportunity to see what it’s like, I want to encourage my community to speak for themselves so that we all can be heard and be in power in our own community.” -Leader Miriam, Cohort 3 member & Las Vegas High School Junior. 

LIT is incredibly grateful for the opportunity to explore Nevada, take a tour of the Legislative Building, be guests on the Senate floor, meet with our Assembly people to advocate for what we care about, tour UNR and hear from our Cohort 1 and Cohort 1+ students who go to college there and be inspired to become first-generation college graduates and the next-generation of diverse leaders who change the world. THANK YOU Senator Yvanna Cancela and her staff and Assemblywoman Irene Bustamante Adams and her staff and family for the help and support as well as all the elected officials on both sides of the aisle who took time to speak to their student constituents, host students on the Senate floor and provided us certificates of visitation!! Thank you Ms. Cathy and Mr. Brenner for driving and Ms. Lindsay and Ms. Courtney for taking time to join us on this unforgettable LIT trip. And BIG shout out to Leaders: Angel, Hector, Natalie and Linda for hosting students in their dorm rooms/apartments and running all our UNR activities. We could not make this trip without our supportive and empowering community– thank you everyone for our belief in empowering future diverse leadership and social justice change for us all! #LITtoCarsonCity #advocacy #Nevada #nvleg #nved #collegeaccess #firstgen #collegepersistence #rolemodels #community #collaboration #INSPIRATION #leadersintraining