Erica V. Mosca
Founder & Executive Director
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Harvard Ed.M.                                                                                                    UNLV M.Ed.                                                                                                  Boston University B.S.

“I am dedicated to empowering change from the community, for the community to ensure students can play the game to change the game of systemic inequity and oppression. The opportunity to attain a college education is the foundation for underrepresented students to become leaders in their own communities.”     

Erica Mosca founded Leaders in Training in August 2012 at 26. She is a proud first-generation college graduate and social justice advocate. Part of the college access non-profit 10,000 Degrees in high school and serving as a fifth grade teacher with Teach For America, Las Vegas Valley, Mosca experienced educational inequity in both her personal and professional life.






Nicole Leyva
Program Manager
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Nestor Sanchez
Program Coordinator
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Nestor Sanchez was born and raised in Las Vegas and a first-generation college student. He attended Goldfarb Elementary School (Charleston Center) since the first grade and then attended Harney Middle School and graduated from East Career & Technical Academy in 2016. Nestor is a sophomore at UNLV studying journalism and media. Nestor is an LIT Cohort 1 member who works at LIT part-time in order to empower his younger peers and inspire them to succeed through his example.