Happy year 6!

AMAZING 6th annual camping retreat to re-connect and re-commit for Cohorts 3, 4, 5 and already recruited Cohort 6 members with the theme of mattering = to feel valued and to give value (check out Dr. Prilleltensky's research on the subject). Student reflection “We are all valued and it wasn’t sleeping in a tent, or having no bathrooms that made me realize it. It was the small talk during the hike and playing actual games to catch a break from growing up, it was eating together as a family, taking a break from the city and everything in between that made me realize that we matter, that I matter and that we can go somewhere and do something to give value.” -Leader Veronica, Cohort 4

We took nearly 60 people for 3 days and 2 nights in our beautiful mountains. Even though we feel microaggressions were committed against us because Mt Charleston staff assumed it was our students throwing rocks (was verified was of COURSE NOT though they assumed so), we just got even more leadership and critical consciousness development on what it means to be a diverse leader and be proud to be from the East side, become a first-generation college graduate and then a social justice change maker back in our home community to make real change. Thank you Outside Las Vegas Foundation for letting us borrow tents and the multiple LIT chaperones, students and family members who made this 6th annual retreat special. We are ready FOR OUR BIGGEST YEAR YET!!! #year6 #ltifam #diverseleadership #leadersintraining

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