LIT Way Forward Week 3


On our multiple zoom calls with students the past 2 weeks, we remind them because we have our health, a roof over our heads, running water and electricity, we have much to be thankful for. While many of our students' families cannot break through the unemployment claims busy signal or have the additional fear surrounding their documentation status, they have still supported one another in ways that are worth sharing. As we end this week, we hope LIT can provide a minute of positivity from our past week and we send well wishes to your family healthwise and economically. 

  1. The Becerra Family (David, Cohort 1) donated $50 to a family who has 2 students in LIT where the mom is laid off and the dad is in physical therapy recovering from a previous workplace injury that has impacted his memory.

  2. The Martinez Family (Eddie, Cohort 2 & Haddee, Cohort 6) is making 50+ Easter Baskets for LIT families with young children who would have gone without one this year.

  3. The Aguirre Family (Nestor, Cohort 1) filmed family members reading bedtime stories in Spanish for other families to use.

  4. The Johnson & Ortiz Family (Paul & Aldo, Cohort 5) both have done grocery and supply runs for LIT families who need it most.

  5. And with program, Leader Destinee (Cohort 6) found out this week she is our first ever LIT student to win the prestigious Harvard Prize Book and Cohort 5 college acceptances now include: UC Berkeley, USC and Emory University.

100% of LIT students completed their LIT virtual homework, last night's Cohort 6 (11th grade) call had 100% attendance and Cohort 7's (10th grade) call was ran by Cohort 2 member & UNLV junior Leader Ashley. We are continuing to make sure we pay our hourly staff, meet families foundational needs with supply drop-offs twice a week and create virtual content for everyone to learn alongside LIT students at home here.

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Thank you for taking a minute with us to remember all the good that does exist because of your support and that we will get through this together. In much gratitude,

Erica V. Mosca
Founder & Executive Director

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